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Travelling Print Exhibition Future

Panic over!

At the Council Meeting on 9th March Pedro Landers volunteered to take over the Travelling Exhibition Secretary role and was co-opted to the executive.

A big thank you to Pedro.

The rota for 2019/2020 appears on the above link. Please check your clubs date.

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Here are some of the comments from the Travelling Critique Comments Book. 

"As usual it is good to see the variety of talent from groups in the region."   "We had a very enjoyable evening viewing a superb collection of prints"
  "A most interested evening with some excellent work - some of which surely should have made the exhibition!"  
"An interesting selection which triggered good debates about picture quality. It helped us to
be critical and analytical about our own work".
  "A very enjoyable evening, good variety of excellent images generating a lot of interest
from our members which led to lively discussion and debate."
  "We had a very stimulating evening looking through so many excellent images.  We structured the evening so that all the photos were seen by four separate groups.  Each group was asked to choose their top four.  It was not a surprise that there was a huge
variation in the choices and no real consensus as to which was the best!! "
"The format we decided was to have a knock out style competition.  We displayed 6 images for each member to cast 1 vote only on their favourite image, the winning image went through to the final.  Encouraging members to take a closer look at each image
rather than from their seats to decide.  It created members to be more vocally active without the pressure of individual comment.  We finally ended up with 12 images, then down to 4 images which we selected our overall winning image.  We found it much more
engaging evening than the usual critique night!"
  "We subdivided the club members into 4 groups each with a group leader, and subdivided the prints into 8 sets each set viewed in turn by each group.  This way every member viewed each print up close and comments were encouraged by the group leaders.  First second and third were allocated by each group for each set.  At the end of the evening all the firsts were displayed and an overall "winner" chosen!"

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