WCPF Inter-Club Print Competition 2019

This a new Inter-Club Print Competition that is open to all clubs affiliated to the WCPF.

Judging will take place on Sunday, 11 August 2019 in Dorchester. In this 'trial' year, it will be a closed adjudication, but with club representatives invited to attend.

Full details will soon be emailed to ALL club competition secretaries. It will be open to ALL clubs - not just those who have already expressed interest by email.

Conditions of Entry may be downloaded here

The competition will be open for entries on 1st April and will close on 30th June.

The two top scoring clubs will be invited to represent the WCPF at the PAGB Inter-Club Print Championship held in October.


Print competition entries should be declared via the WCPF Photo Entry System


Entry fee is £20 per club.

Payment£ Club:


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