The 2020 WCPF Members Exhibition (MX) is currently being finalised and the entry system will be available in January 2020.  Previous entrants will receive an ‘invitation to enter’ email, and a link to the entry system will be available from the WCPF websites MX page once it is open. 

·         Timings

Entry will be open from Monday 6th January 2020 and will close on Saturday 7th March 2020.

·         Terms and Conditions

The entry classes remain as last year with 3 print classes (Open, Mono, Nature) and 4 PDI classes (Open, Nature, Creative, Photo Travel). The class definitions will be available on the entry website. 

·         Awards

The exhibition has PAGB Patronage and PAGB Gold, Silver and Bronze medals plus Selector Ribbons will be awarded in each class.  Highly commended certificates  will also be awarded in each class.

The ‘Margaret Aven’ trophy for the entrant who gains the most acceptances across all 7 classes, and ‘Best Wildlife’ trophy in both Nature classes will also be awarded again this year.

·         Favourite Image and Sale Of Prints

We are repeating these initiatives and the conditions will be as last year ie entrants will have 3 choices 

1.        To opt in to the favourite print image lottery where one of the visitors that voted will receive a free copy of the print that they voted for.

2.       To opt in to the visitors favourite print image lottery and the sale of prints.  Prints will be offered for sale at a standard price of £35.  Any postage fees required would be an extra cost.

3.       To opt out of both initiatives:

·         Exhibition Venue

Bovey Tracy Golf Club with the excellent facilities that have proved so sucessful over the last 3 years.

·         Selectors

Peter Gennard MFIAP EFIAP/p

Jane Lines        MPAGB BPE5

Adrian Lines    MPAGB MBPE EFIAP

We hope that members of WCPF clubs will continue to support the exhibition and submit their entries in good time.  Clubs may wish to collect print entries from their members and make a single delivery to the appointed AES.   This will make the process more efficient and effective for club members and the AES. The name & contact details for an entrants AES will be notified on completion of the online entry.

If anything is unclear or there are any questions then please get in touch with the Exhibition Secretary by email at

The results of previous exhibitions can be viewed by clicking below

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