The 2018 Members Exhibition is now open for entries

Members Exhibition 2018 - delivery of print entries
Due the cancellation of the Council Meeting on 3rd March entrants will of course not be able to deliver their prints to their AES at that meeting.  As we have no further WCPF events planned before the selection takes place I am afraid that entrants will have to make arrangements with their AES to get their prints to them.  Entrants should contact their AES as soon as possible to make suitable arrangements.  It would clearly be sensible if clubs have multiple entrants who need to deliver prints to get together and make one delivery.   You do not have to get your prints to your AES by the closing date (Monday 5th March), but remember you must have finalised your entry by then.  I cannot set a global date for delivery, your AES will tell you their deadline, so you have some leeway.
We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause to some entrants but of course it is out of our control.  Please try to be as flexible as possible when making arrangements with your AES as this will help the continuing process of organising this years exhibition.


You can register or log in to the entry site using the following link                            

If you have entered previous exhibition you will have received an invitation email that also contains this link.

The entry system will remain open until March 3rd.  Information regarding the terms and conditions, and selectors can be found on the entry website, and is summarised below.

·         Terms and Conditions

The entry classes remain as last year with 3 print classes (Open, Mono, Nature) and 4 PDI classes (Open, Nature, Creative, Photo Travel). The class definitions will be available on the entry website, they are the same definitions as last year and are those adopted by the PAGB. 

·         Awards

The exhibition again has PAGB Patronage (19/2018) and Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals plus Selectors Ribbons and Highly Commended Certificates (at the selectors discretion) will be awarded in each class.

The ‘Margaret Aven’ trophy for the entrant with the most acceptances across all 7 classes, and the ‘Best Wildlife’ trophy in the digital and print Nature classes will again be awarded.

·         Favourite Print and Sale Of Prints

We are continuing with these initiatives that we introduced last year.

·         We will present one of the visitors who votes for their favourite print with a mounted copy of that print.  The winner will be drawn from all votes recorded and may not be the print that receives the most votes overall. We hope that entrants will participate in this initiative but it will be optional, and entrants can opt out when they finalise their entry.  The WCPF will cover the cost of preparing the new copy of the print (unless of course the entrant wishes to donate the prize)

·         Sale Of Prints:  We will provide the opportunity for entrants to offer their prints for sale to visitors.  There will be a standard price of £35 per print plus postage.  Entrants will be informed of any purchase requests once the exhibition has closed.  It will then be the entrants responsibility to deliver the print to the purchaser.  Entrants can opt out when they finalise their entry.

We hope that you will support the exhibition with your entry.  If entering prints you will be given the name and contact details for the AES that you should deliver your prints to.  If you wish to see in advance who will be the AES for your club then details can be found here.

If anything is unclear or if you have any questions then please contact the Exhibition Secretaries by email using


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