DPIC 2016 Small Club Winners


Against the Tide by Robin Gregory
Cus its Raiing by Robin Gregory
Emily Seated Point by Stephen McGrath

Fishing Mekong by Martin Horton
Gentoo Penguins Surfing by Eddy Lane
Herdwick Sheep by Chris Wilkes-Ciudad

Lilies by Chris Wilkes-Ciudad
Misty Valley by Chris Wilkes-Ciudad
Polar Bear Cub at Low Tide by Eddy Lane

Puff by Martin Horton
Ram on Fells in First Light by Stephen Mcgrath
Red Ridinghood by Robin Gregory

Seeking Alms by Martin Horton
The Man with the Book by Chris Wilkes-Ciudad
The Secret Garden by Stephen McGrath

The Sparks Fly by Rod Stowel
Wherever I go by Martin Horton
  World War One Dogfight by Eddy Lane
Websites for Photographers by Click-IT