DPIC 2016 Joint 2nd Place Winners

Bristol PS

Aim High by Greg Duncan
Black Church by Neil Mccoubry
Black Stork with Fish by John Chamberlin

Boarding Now by Barry Mead

Chools out by Terry Hilton
Falling Down by John Chamberlin

Hawfinch Drinking by John Chamberlin
Katie Swan by Jeff Hargreaves
Lionesses by Barry Mead

No Excape by Richard Kay
Remembering Marilyn by Val Duncan
Soldier of Fortune by Barry Mead

The Dryads by Val Duncan
The Final Bend by Keith Wood
The Mistress by Derwood Pamphilon

Too Late by Greg Duncan
Vulcan Reflection by Val Duncan
White Tailed Eagle on Ice by John Chamberlin
Websites for Photographers by Click-IT