DPIC 2016 1st Place Winners

f8 image group

Bursting up by Pauline Watling
Calmness by Pauline Watling
Dirt Riders by George Reekie

Edwandian Dandy by Jane Kearney
European Bee-Eater with Dragonfly by George Reekie
Fairy Lights by Jane Kearney

Freestyle by Nick Cable
Glacier Mint by Paula Fernley
Hip Hop by Jane Kearney

Hoopoe Feeding Chick by Alan Grant
Hoopoe with Centipede by Alan Grant
In Awe of the Bubble Dancer by Pauline Watling

Kingfisher with Catch by Alan Grant
Lofoten Beach Sunset by Nick Cable
Moon scape by Paula Fernley

Osprey Take-off by George Reekie
The Hut by Nick Cable
Wild Kestral on Prey by Alan Grant
Websites for Photographers by Click-IT