DPIC 2016 4th Place Winners

Dorchester CC

Body Talk by Janet Haines
Caracal Jumping by David Cantrille
Common Tern by Tim Downton

Feeling Gravitys Pull by Tony Gill
Flamingoes by Ivor Toms
Hair Metal by Tony Gil

Icelandic Moonrise by Stephen Lee
Male Banded Demoiselle by Malcolm Kitto
Osprey Take-off by Mary Cantrille

Ouch by Stephen Jones
Rain Dance by Janet Haines
Say it with Flowers by Brad Matthews

Street Kitchen by Stephen Jones
Swimming with Jacks by Spike Piddock
With his Chickens by Jane Tearle

Young Meercat Foraging by Lisa Bukalders
Young Monk by Jane Tearle
Zebra Dreamtime by Lisa Bukalders
Websites for Photographers by Click-IT