DPIC 2016 Joint 2nd Place Winners

Exmouth PG

Black Widow by John Perriam
Camargue Wild Horses by Mo Martin

Elgot by Dave McHutchison

Filament by Ian Bateman
Gannets in Flight by Mo Martin
Green Crown Brilliant by Sheila Haycox

High and Dry by John Wickett
Jet Ski Madness by Sheila Haycox
Jet Ski Turn by Sheila Haycox

Masked Tree Frog by Sheila Haycox
No Flying Today by Jenny Baker
Remains - Oradour by Derrick Holliday

Saltburn by the Sea by Derrick Holliday
Sligachan by Dave McHutchison
Standing in the Rain by Dave McHutchison

The Engin Shed by Christine Chittock
The Sun King by Ian Bateman
White Horses by Derrick Holliday
Websites for Photographers by Click-IT